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First Super Foods!

First Super Foods' goal is to bring the best super foods to the public at the best price. Our new website will facilitate the acquisition of great super foods for those who want to buy online, and especially for those unable to buy our products in retail stores - Bringing the best of nature to benefit people as well as their pets.

First Super Foods has been serving the public since 1996. We are intent on becoming a leader in the super food field and are determined to continuously bring new products to aid the health of people and pets. Thank you for visiting!

Super Foods for a healthy lifestyle

The mission of First Super Foods is to provide people and their pets with superior products. It all boils down to getting the highest quality natural ingredients. Everything from our whey, spriulina, bee pollen, genseng, and fiber are inspected with quality control and imported directly from the source. Read more

Black Bag Collection coming soon

First Super Foods started with our most popular product, that everyone knows as 'Bee Sure.' With the success and demand that Bee Sure has given us, we are delighted to announce that First Super Foods will be releasing an entire line of Super Food products. Read More

Why Super Foods?

Super foods are the most efficient way for the body to obtain complete mutrition. Better than multivitamins, they will be assimulated and digested more effectively. The best super foods are condensed to 100% nutrition.

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